Monday, January 11, 2010

Courtney the Neurologist?

Guess what?? Guess what?? Actually... you'll never guess.


I *might*, emphasis on the *might*, be going to neurology summer camp! (In case you haven't yet realized, I'm kind of a nerd...) You see, I want to be a nurse or a doctor, so when I got a brochure for this "educational camp" and saw that they had a neurology program, I was super happy! It said you get to learn about nervous system disorders (of which I have!) and just a lot of awesome stuff! It'll be really fun! =)
Love this 'lil guy. And speaking of science, I've got my AP Chem final tomorrow (oh joyyy) and I'd better get to studying. Sorry this was such a quickie post, but just know that I'm literally pulling myself away from my laptop to study! Have a great day!

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  1. That camp sounds so interesting! I'm sure it would be fun to go to a camp with kids who have the same interests as you- especially if it could help decide your future career!

    Good luck on AP Chem!