Friday, January 29, 2010

The Obelisk

Sorry I've been MIA this week- school got in the way. :( Thankfully, I now know what classes I'm going to take next year! I'm really excited for my english classes; I'm taking first semester Creative Writing and second semester Eastern Humanities. To get into Writing, you need to submit a short essay to the teachers. Just to make sure you can, uh, write. The prompt is to write about an important place, so I wrote about "the obelisk". I know y'all want an explanation, so here it is:

First off, this is an obelisk...My obelisk isn't in Egypt, though. It's at a forest preserve. Yes, smack-dab in the middle of the forest. The preserve is very confusing, ya know, with different colored paths and stuff. I've gotten lost many times while running. But the obelisk always signifies that the run is almost over. It's worked for XC races, long runs, etc. Whenever I'm on this trail, the obelisk is my BFF. It's like it says "Yay! Go Courtney! You can do it! Just a little bit more!" And it's nice. :) So yes, the random obelisk in the forest is my "special place". Thankfully, the rest of my running buddies feel the same way about it, so I'm not totally crazy. =D

<33 cor

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  1. Your essay sounds like it will be great!! The obelisk is really interesting!
    I wish we had a creative writing class, it sounds like a lot of fun (and I'm sure hard work.)