Monday, January 18, 2010

Treadmill = Ouch!

Hello! I've got a good story for y'all today. So last night, I was showing my sister how to use the treadmill. I got on it, then tripped and fell. Bad enough, but I decided that maybe I could pull myself back up, so I held onto the handrails while the treadmill was still moving under me! It scraped up both my legs pretty bad, and it really hurt! Note to self: Don't overestimate upper body strength. :/ Anyway, this is how I've been feeling all day.

Some yummy eats today include cucumber bits + hummus

Cedar's Garlic Lovers' Hummus:
I love garlic hummus. Hence, I'm probably a "garlic lover". This hummus was good, but the garlic flavor was light and a bit artificial-tasting. It was definately very creamy, with no chunks of anything in iy. I prefer Sabra's garlic hummus, which has herbs and spices at the top that you stir into the hummus before you eat it. The final rating? 2.5/5 stars

And some of this frozen yogurt... I'm hurt, so it's ok. ;)

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  1. Ouch! Sorry about the bad 'mill experience. Ice cream heals everything though, right?