Thursday, January 7, 2010


Now let me tell you, I'm not an incredibly fast runner. I'm *good* on my school's XC and track teams- the "second seven" if you will. I'm not bragging about these times- I just want to post them so they're all in one place, and I know when I've improved! =D

5K: 21:42
3 Mile: 21:38
2 Mile: 13:24
1 Mile: 6:23
800M: 2:55

And, my favorite record...

Distance Record: 12 MILES!!!!


  1. You are capable of more miles if you really wanted to. Just slow down when your breathe starts to quicken. These are very respectable times. Running from the heart... great blog name.

    Tom Bailey

  2. Wow these times look so good! Congrats- Are you thinking about running in college?