Thursday, January 21, 2010

Greek Week!

Hello everyone! I don't have very much to say, actually. :/ I havn't been feeling good today, must be some sort of bug. I've already had the flu (yes both types) this season, and I'm pretty sure it's not that. Anyway, the entire day I've been craving popcorn with chocolate chips. Does anyone else like this? I think the saltiness of the popcorn goes great with the sweet, slightly bitter chips. Yummy! I popped some Orville Redenbacher's Natural popcorn, liberally doused it in salt, then added some Ghirardelli 60% chocolate chips. The key is the mix in the chips while the popcorn is still hot, so the chocolate gets just a bit melty. It's incredible. If you've never tried it, please do!! Seriously- it's so good!

I've also enjoyed lots of yogurt. Which is a good catalyst for this "review-off". Oikos vs. Chobani. I tried the vanilla flavors of both brands, and here is my take on which one is better.
Let's start with Chobani:

Price: $1.69, pretty typical for Greek yogurt
Nutrition: 120 calories/6 ounces, 36% DV protein
Ingredients: Nonfat milk, evaporated cane juice, natural vanilla flavor, cultures
Taste: Very creamy, not as tangy as most yogurts. The vanilla flavor comes through, but is not too strong. A good balance.
Stirability: When it's separated (liquid on top, solid on the bottom), it can be difficult to re-stir it. However, this rarely happens, and normally it is smooth and creamy.

And Oikos:

Price: $2.09, but is often on sale

Nutrition: 110 calories/5.3 ounces, 30% DV of protein

Ingredients: Organic nonfat milk, organic sugar, organic vanilla flavor, cultures

Taste: Much tangier than Oikos, with not as strong of a vanilla flavor.

Stirability: Separates often, but stirring it will solve the problem. Not as creamy as Chobani

So the winner? It's obvious- with a better value, more protein, better flavor, and better consistency, CHOBANI! =D

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  1. have you tried fage? i dont think its as popular as chobani or oikos, but its still tasty stuff!